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David Wolfe Australian Tour

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Raw Foods for Real Families

This newly released eBook is a compilation of delicious recipes by members of the new,
ground-breaking Raw Vegan Village, in Ojai, California. Below, Jinjee Talifero introduces the eBook:

"I am so excited about this eBook because it is filled with gorgeousness! Gorgeous recipes and gorgeous photos of our gorgeous raw village members and their gorgeous food! I am also excited because it introduces you to the core group members of our village - with a story from each one about how they came to raw foods. Some stories will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some may seem familiar to your own story.

I am also excited because this is our first project together - besides buying the land and having our first meeting last September. - This is our first work together that is going out in to the world! In the introduction we talk about why this village is so special and what we hope to accomplish!

But mostly, I am excited to share with you recipes that are family favorites of 12 different raw vegan families! There are recipes here that you have never seen anything like (even waffles), recipes that are simply more delicious than average, and recipes that we hope will become your family's favorites too!

Thank you to Brandi Rollins, pictured in the bottom-right corner of the photo above, who spent hours and hours compiling and formatting this eBook into the beautiful product it is! She was also one of the group of women who came up with this concept at our first core group meeting.

To view a cliffnotes version of the cookbook for FREE, go to:

To purchase this eBook for $14.99 go to:

Order now, and enjoy new raw family favorites today!

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For more package deals see - Whenever you see 12 or more eBooks in a package, this new eBook and my 2 other most recent eBooks are now both included in those packages so you'll really be getting 15 eBooks!"

As Jinjee so beautifully signs off from her Daily Raw Inspiration emails,

In Joy!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Raw Food Celebrations

Raw Food Celebrations has just been released

Nomi Shannon, raw food author, chef, and teacher from the United States, and Sheryl Duruz, raw food chef and teacher from Canada and Australia, teamed up across the continents to bring you Raw Food Celebrations: Live Food Entertaining Made Easy. The outcome of our exciting collaboration is a unique compilation of menus, recipes, full-color photographs, and plan-ahead guides designed to make your entertaining foolproof and fun. Use the menus as they are presented, or mix and match them as you like to create your own eclectic bill of fare.

Our objective with Raw Food Celebrations is to help you enjoy entertaining in your home with ease. We have created menus that range from the traditional to the exotic, including brunch, luncheon, and cocktail party ideas. You will be able to select either innovative or time-honored

flavors to serve your guests. Whether or not your guests have an interest in nutritious raw cuisine, they are sure to enjoy the food and festivities. We believe this is the first book of its kind, devoted exclusively to healthful raw menus and recipes designed for entertaining. To help you plan ahead, we've ensured that many of the recipes can be prepared in advance, leaving you time to decorate your table and relax a bit before company arrives so you can be the finest host possible.

Whether you are planning a graduation party, wedding shower, birthday celebration, or holiday gathering, we sincerely hope that Raw Food Celebrations becomes the guide you rely on year after year for all your happy occasions.

Nomi and Sheryl

From The Foreword by Mike Adams
The Health Ranger, Editor of Natural

"When I picked up Nomi Shannon's first book, The Raw Gourmet, several years ago, I was immediately struck by the beauty and simplicity of it. Folded among the pages of astonishingly beautiful photographs of raw food creations were unexpectedly short, simple-to-follow, and yet rewarding recipes that used only a few basic ingredients to achieve spectacular results. I was hooked. That book still stands on my shelf as one of the milestone contributions to the world of raw food cuisine. Now, it seems Nomi has achieved the remarkable yet again, this time teaming up with Sheryl Duruz and taking us on a whirlwind tour through rich cultural food traditions and tongue-teasing tastes while somehow managing to achieve a rare balance of artfulness and simplicity at the same time.

The recipes in this book, Raw Food Celebrations, have become some of my instant favorites. Through Nomi's and Sheryl's guidance, these recipes will inspire you, humble you, and reward you with sheer delight as you munch, crunch, and lunch your way from one recipe to the next, treating yourself to the most healthful meals in the world while impressing friends and family with your newfound brilliance for creating genuine cuisine.

I'll admit I'm a crude preparer of nutritious foods. Most of what I gulp down from my morning blended superfood smoothie ritual is neither elegant nor attractive (blended sprouts and spirulina, after all, are not exactly appealing to the eye), but one afternoon, after using just three recipes from this book you're now holding, I managed to present a raw cuisine spread for family and friends that had them wondering if my body had been secretly switched with a clone who trained at an exotic culinary institute in some far-off land. Needless to say, they were impressed, and I was thrilled!

Whether you're looking to dive into a grand expression of raw food artfulness or simply fill your eager tummy with the most beautiful and nutritious foods in the world, Raw Food Celebrations may be just the book you're looking for. Nomi's and Sheryl's guidance provides exactly the direction you need to go from being a raw food novice like me to a true raw food artist respected by friends and family alike. I encourage you to dive right in, turn a few pages, get your hands drenched in lemon juice, and start discovering just how much fun it really is to eat the most healthful foods in the world!"

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, Editor of Natural

Price: $19.95

Source: 2008 Raw Pleasure Pty Ltd

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chemicals Found in Cosmetics Linked to Future Infertility

NaturalNews) The first three months of pregnancy have a significant impact on a baby boy's future fertility. Chemicals found in cosmetics could create infertility problems later in life. Researchers at Edinburgh University have shown that exposure to chemicals in the first 12 weeks in the womb can affect sperm production in manhood. Many of these products are routinely used by a majority of women.

Although the evidence is not conclusive, it is a step in the right direction to show women how vital it is to only use natural, healthy products. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and anything that is put on it gets absorbed and ends up in the blood stream, ultimately coming into contact with unborn babies.

Future Disease, Including Cancer

Some chemicals used in cosmetics can block hormones. In the study, male hormones in rats were blocked for a period of time when they were in the womb. These rats went on to suffer from infertility.

The scientists also concluded that these chemicals may also increase the risk of baby boys developing other reproductive conditions in later life, including testicular cancer. They urged women who were intending to become pregnant to avoid putting these harmful cosmetic products on their skin.

Prof. Sharpe, who led the study says, "There are lots of compounds in perfumes that we know in higher concentrations have the potential to have biological effects, so it is just being ultra safe to say that by avoiding using them your baby isn't at risk.

"If you are planning to become pregnant you should change your lifestyle. Those lifestyle things don't necessarily mean that you are going to cause terrible harm to your baby, but by avoiding them you are going to have a positive effect.

"We would recommend you avoid exposure to chemicals that are present in cosmetics, anything that you put on your body that might then get through your body into your developing baby.

"It is not because we have evidence that these chemicals categorically cause harm to babies, it is only based on experimental studies on animals that suggest it is a possibility."

Just Pregnant Women?

If these products disrupt the hormonal balance in baby boys, then doesn’t it stand to reason that they could potentially have a harmful effect on all of us? Do you want to take the chance?

Most people who are into natural health have already concluded that natural, organic or wild products are best. Nature provides everything we need, and putting toxic chemicals on our skin is not going to ultimately make it softer, smoother or younger. These toxins must be processed in the liver, which is the organ that most influences our skin.

The best choice is for every person to choose natural cosmetic products, not just women who are becoming pregnant. It is such an easy way to become less toxic and improve wellbeing.

The problem is that the study also showed that chemicals in household fabrics and plastics can cause the same problem.

About the author

Sheryl is a kinesiologist, nutritionist and holistic practitioner. 
Her website provides the latest research on preventing disease, looking naturally gorgeous, and feeling emotionally and physically fabulous. 
And her latest website offers a vast quantity of information on how to increase sex drive and enjoy a vibrant sex life. 


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Raw Family Budget Toolkit

Ladies, if you downloaded the Raw Mom budgeting toolkit a while ago, we thought you’d like to know that it’s had a little update.

It now features gridlines in the Monthly Expenses Template – these gridlines should have been in the original toolkit, but slipped through the net. It’s kinda handy to have the lines print out, because you need them to be able to write on the document!

There’s also a new ‘Budgeted’ section (highlighted in blue) in the Yearly Category Expenses worksheet – if you have a feeling that you’ve already spent a huge whack of your yearly clothing budget and it’s only May, this worksheet will tell you where you’re at. It allows you to track your current levels of spending in all budget categories, in relation to their overall yearly budgeted amounts (providing percentages spent of the yearly total). Doing this allows you to ‘course correct’ if necessary, and slow down your spending in certain categories. Or you may need to adjust your budget to be more realistic! Instructions for use are included the Excel document.

To download the updated toolkit, click here!